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Children DIY The World In The Bottle Handmade Craft Toys

Children DIY The World In The Bottle Handmade Craft Toys

Children DIY The World In The Bottle Handmade Craft Toys

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Product Description

It’s time to let your imagination with modeling clay Toys. 36 bright and bright colors bring a perfect modeling clay world to kids or teens. Create endless possibilities with your own hands.


What better way to spend the day than an at-home clay making project?

36 colorful air dry clay,6 kinds of clay tools and 51 clay accessories help children to open up endless imagination and creativity, exercise children's hand-eye coordination. You can make animals, plants, dolls, houses, etc. It’s a stress-free way to create exciting model magic clay and art projects!


Ultra light clay is softer than others, kids can play with it easily. easy to stretch, and mix, and it won't stick to your hands during use, no need to clean up. making it easy to use. The clay will dry completely within 24 hours, so The extra clay can be stored in extra sealed bags for the next use. The clay is wheat and gluten free, BPA Free, and does not contain Phthalates. It’s safe for kids, but obviously it is NOT to be EATEN!

Fun Mixing Color

Mixing two separate colors to create a third new, or different color is a wonderful hands-on activity that can help kids learn about basic colors cognition.

DIY Your Own World

Easy to shape and non sticky. Your kids will love it! Ultra soft feeling in the hand, while easy to shape.

Ideal Gifts

Clay ideal for beginners to make small ornaments, cars, cartoon characters, model animals, etc. Cultivate children's creativity and express their inner world with clay.

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