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Plastic Mini Ink Stamp Roller Diary Seal Toy

Plastic Mini Ink Stamp Roller Diary Seal Toy

Plastic Mini Ink Stamp Roller Diary Seal Toy

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Product description

Stamps Toy

The Best Kids Love-Theme Plastic Stamp Set for Teachers and Parents, Explore your child's imagination with 26 ideas and methods that are fun and educational.

26 pcs per unit, Each one is different. No duplicates! five different colors(Green five pcs, Blue five pcs, Pink 6pcs,Yellow 5pcs, Purple 5pcs assorted designs
They don't dry out quickly
No need to press hard to make an impression
Each stamp makes a clear, sharp impression, with no blurring or smearing
Inked stamps can last a long time
Just the right size for small children to hold (1 x 1 x 1.3 inches per stamper)

You Are Kindly Informed:

Dear Buyer,
1. If you happened to receive the stamp set with some of the stamps dried out or does not work correctly, this may be caused by the stamps drying out in the inventory or shipping process, you can just add some drops of clear water to this dried stamp, and wait for a moment, then try to stamp it again, you will see the clear print.You can do this together with your kids, they will see how it works and how it stamps so lovely prints, and you will see the biggest smile on your kids' face.
2. You can also add the same color stamp oil to the stamps if you used it long time and the oil is used up, and we believe this way it can work for very long time.
3. Also, we replied each email immediately within 12 hours to give a solution to each issue reported, and we believe our stamp set and after-sales service will make you happy with each of your purchase!
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